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Bellevue Hill

This innovative landscaping project centred around the upgrade of the front garden of a newly renovated house in prime view of the surrounding street. This space was earmarked to be used as a key feature for entertaining while still requiring privacy due to it’s street position.


Planting of viburnum achieved screening from the street with feature plants strategically used: magnolia little gems and a maple tree. The maple tree bought the scale of the house into perspective, while adding summer shade in the warmer months and glorious autumn foliage to allow for the sun to warm the entertaining area and front rooms of the house during winter. Planting of Liriope was used along the bottom of the hedging to soften the understory of the hedge. Buxus was planted as a low lying hedge along the house.

Bluestone paving were used throughout the project to compliment the contrast between dark and light shades and surrounding sandstone cladded walls, while blending with the wrought iron fence line.

The hard and soft landscape ratio were at capacity, so paved areas were turned into steppers with Mondo grass. This achieved a practical area for seating while softening the harshness of a paved surface.

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